Landord & Tenant


Both landlord and tenants can feel powerless at times. For a landlord, you may be facing litigation, or you may just want to make sure that you are doing everything right to protect yourself. For a tenant, you might be facing an eviction or maybe your living situation has become unbearable due to a condition caused by the landlord.

Whether your the landlord or the tenant in these situations, it is important that you do everything possible to understand and protect your rights. An attorney experienced in all avenues of Landlord-Tenant law is an extremely important advocate to have on your side, whether you are a landlord instituting a eviction action or you are a tenant defending the action.

How We Can Help

Attorney Paul C. English is both a legal professional and a landlord himself.  He has seen first hand the challenges involved in being a good and reliable landlord for tenants, and knows the many ways that conflict can arise in the landlord-tenant relationship.  As a landlord who strives to provide outstanding service to tenants, he understands both sides of the divide, including frustrations of people who are mistreated by their own landlord and tenants who do not live up to their obligations under the lease.

As an experienced professionals with more than 15 years legal experience, Attorney Paul C. English offers proven representation designed to resolve landlord-tenant disputes. The Law Offices of Paul C. English, PLLC handles all issues related to Landlord-Tenant Law, including evictions, writs, tenant’s rights, and court appearances. We strive to provide diligent and client-focused representation, and we will work within your budget to get the best possible results at the lowest possible cost.  We would be happy to take on your case.

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