Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. This site has just recently been created and your support is extremely important to us. We have never advertised, as our business has always come from the wonderful referrals and testimonials of our clients. We would certainly appreciate you taking the time to comment or testimonial you could provide about the legal services we’ve administered for you.

“Attorney English has been my attorney for the past 5 years on and off during my repeated child custody battles. He stopped practicing family law to focus on real estate law. He kept me as his client and has been very loyal and passionate about my case. He has bent over backwards in helping me through all of my legal turmoil. I couldn’t of asked for a better attorney. When I need him he is there. I appreciate all he has done for me. He helped me to get my son back.”

 – Arlene, New Hampshire

“The Law Offices of Paul English really came through for me when I was getting the run around from the insurance company after a car accident. They brought the case home. Without their hard work, I never would have received the money that I was entitled to.”

– L.P., Manchester, New Hampshire

“My husband and I used the law offices of Paul English to do our will, power of attorney and medical directives. They were wonderful! They explained everything and handled it very quickly and professionally. I liked them so much I referred them to people I know who plan to have their will done. Without doubt I would highly recommend this law office, great job!”

– Kathy, Manchester, NH